Forest Reserve

A selection of wood from premiere French forests.

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Our Forest Reserve material is meticulously sourced from a selection of premiere French forests, renowned for their exceptional quality. Each option imparts a distinct finesse, capturing the essence of the forest terroir.


Forest Reserve Selections

  • Tronçais
  • Nièvre
  • Allier
  • Russy / Bertranges / Bercé (blend)

A curated allotment of wood from Tronçais, Nièvre, Allier, and a harmonious blend of Russy, Bertranges, and Bercé, can be chosen as a specification on any TW Boswell barrel.

This premium wood is cataloged by forest and honed into staves at our mill in Northeastern France. There it ages naturally for 30 months, benefiting from the seasonal climate of the region. All Forest Reserve material is PEFC certified which ensures oak is harvested from these forests in a sustainable manner.

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