This French oak barrel is crafted for wines made from the same grapes that have flourished for centuries in France's Rhône River Valley. Accentuating a varietal's true character is the Côtes du Rhône's hallmark.

Typical Sensory Attributes

  • Light oak tannins to provide ample structure
  • Moderate spice notes that complement ripe wines
  • Moderate-to-high vanilla and light smoke
  • Distinct toast characteristics that are balanced in extraction

These barrels work exceptionally well with...

  • Syrah, Mourvedre and Petite Sirah as well as other Rhône varietals and blends
  • Classic Rhône whites true to their natural character


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Wood Origin

French Oak
French Oak certified by Bureau Veritas

225 Liters
240 Liters


Light, Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy

Grain Choice

Fine Grain or Extra Fine Grain
Special Reserve Limited quantities of three-year seasoned Extra Fine Grain oak

Seasoning Selection

2 or 3 years, Seasoned in France