Styled after the classic barrels coopered for world-renowned châteaux of the Bordeaux region, the Médoc barrel marries well with concentrated wines that benefit from extended aging. Adding structure and texture without overshadowing the fruit is this barrel's signature.

Typical Sensory Attributes

  • Elevated tannins designed for long-term aging
  • Rich vanilla
  • Toffee sweetness from caramelized sugars
  • Spicy oak notes

These barrels work exceptionally well with...

  • Wines of concentrated flavors
  • Wines designated for long-term aging, barrel and bottle
  • Reserve Bordeaux varietals


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Wood Origin

French Oak
French Oak certified by Bureau Veritas
Sizes 225 Liters
240 Liters


Light, Medium, Medium Plus, Heavy

Grain Choice

Fine Grain or Extra Fine Grain
Special Reserve Limited quantities of three-year seasoned Extra Fine Grain oak

Seasoning Selection

2 or 3 years, Seasoned in France