Wood Origin

Our commitment to excellence begins with a premiere wood source. Our team oversees oak selection by sourcing French and American oak through our own stave mills and purchasing high-quality European oak staves from our longstanding partner. All of our staves season slowly and naturally at our mills, allowing us to monitor this important process from start to finish. Our French and European oak is also certified by Bureau Veritas for wood origin and duration of natural seasoning.

Grain Selection

We have developed groundbreaking vision technology that scans and records the growth rings per inch of every stave. Thanks to this optical selection, each barrel we build has an average number of growth rings that is guaranteed to fall within a range of pre-determined parameters. To ensure complete transparency, we then brand this true average on the barrel head for all to see.


We understand a precise wood age will lay the foundation for consistent flavors. For this reason, we place a special emphasis on ensuring complete traceability throughout the natural seasoning process. Thanks to our sophisticated tracking system, we guarantee the wood age of every barrel we craft and certify our success by branding the result onto your barrel.


Toasting has to be perfect—excellence must be achieved to ensure consistent flavors for every barrel, every vintage. Each barrel in our T.W. Boswell collection is toasted with extreme accuracy within rigorous specifications. We carefully monitor the percent toasting accuracy for every barrel and then brand the result onto the barrel head.