By highlighting the purity of bright fruit, this barrel keeps the focus exactly where you want it to be. Acidity, lean structure, refined tannins and length bring enhanced liveliness. To emphasize fruit and terroir, Cool Climate Series barrels are exclusively crafted with 36 month, extra fine grain oak as part of T.W. Boswell’s Special Reserve premium wood selection.

Atributos sensoriales típicos

  • Bright fruit
  • Lean structure
  • Refined tannins, length, and acidity

Esta barrica trabaja excepcionalmente bien con...

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay
  • Wines emphasizing fruit & terroir


Origen del Roble

Roble Francés
French Oak certified by Bureau Veritas

225 litros
240 litros

Opciones de Tostado

Suave, Medio, Medio Plus